Sunday, January 23, 2011

Still Playing With Petals.

Yep, I'm still on my latest endeavour...which is pressing and arranging petals in conjunction with my illustrations. Working with a primarily purple, blue, white, magenta and fushia colour scheme.

My main focus with this batch of pressing and illustration is to really focus on the shape and form of my figures and the delicacy of their faces. The image below is a major inspiration in how i want the faces, if I do closeups, to looks like.

Here are some great photo's from a website called Colour Collective. You can find more here. I thought they we're fantastic and really captured some nice tones and arrangements.

The following images really inspired me and I am now looking and form and body work....thinking about my faces and the bodies I will apply the pressed petals around and to. Very feminine and delicate, I really want to capture the beauty of a flower and sinuous way our bodies can work with them.

Botticelli Beauty: Capturing Innocence and Femininity.

Using Flowers and Petals Around Women

Focus on Faces

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