Monday, January 31, 2011

d’Amélie Poulain.

"I like to look for things no one else catches. I hate the way drivers never look at the road in old American movies."
the beautiful film "Amelie" has really inspired me. the cute little anecdotes and her hilarious observations of the world are a great inside into everyones slightly ocd nature, and all of the little things that we like. her black hair is great to draw, and have inspired a little due i've illustrated.

some pretty stills from the film that inspired these pieces...


here are my new drawings created whilst watching Amelie :-)

 bad quality, but you get the picture.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Inspirational Searching: Divine Femininity.

Well recently i've been particularly interested in facial expression, and capturing moments using the power of eyes, lips, brows and body language. Lots of decorative paisleys are again gracing my pages again.....i'm getting back into the swing of drawing their intricate patterning. Phew!

Some of my work incorporating this theme.....

"Hanging By A Thread"
ink and graphite on moleskin paper.

"What Am I Meant To Say?"
ink and watercolour on paper.

"Lady Grey, Longing For A Complete Stranger."
ink, watercolour and pressed flower mounted on wallpaper.

Here are some images I found particularly inspirational and which really captured feminine beauty and some great facial expressions.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Still Playing With Petals.

Yep, I'm still on my latest endeavour...which is pressing and arranging petals in conjunction with my illustrations. Working with a primarily purple, blue, white, magenta and fushia colour scheme.

My main focus with this batch of pressing and illustration is to really focus on the shape and form of my figures and the delicacy of their faces. The image below is a major inspiration in how i want the faces, if I do closeups, to looks like.

Here are some great photo's from a website called Colour Collective. You can find more here. I thought they we're fantastic and really captured some nice tones and arrangements.

The following images really inspired me and I am now looking and form and body work....thinking about my faces and the bodies I will apply the pressed petals around and to. Very feminine and delicate, I really want to capture the beauty of a flower and sinuous way our bodies can work with them.

Botticelli Beauty: Capturing Innocence and Femininity.

Using Flowers and Petals Around Women

Focus on Faces

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Inspired by the Sea and the Forest.

So now I've been trying to break my habit of just drawing my ladies hair as big black cutouts on the page, I'm wanting more femininity and a little bit more diversity. The lines and forms you can achieve with hair are amazing, and there are some artists out there doing it fabulously.

Here's my latest attempt at breaking the Black Splodge phase:

"Lady Grey, Longing For A Stranger."
Ink, Watercolour and Pressed Flowers on Wallpaper.

I was really happy with this one, and I look forward to creating some more girls soon with lovely flowing hair. I found that the hair really helps to frame the body and adds a feminine and flowing quality to the work. Plus, it looks good.

Here are some inspirational images:

Especially Inspired by Elliot Lee Hazel
and his amazing photography

More work can be found at his website here, I highly recommend you check it out.


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lilies Pads and Little Petals.

Inspired by a trip to the Botanical Gardens to see the Giant Ancient Lotus flowers in bloom and a wander and a ponder through a wondrous Pond Garden, i've began researching floral motifs and seeing how I can use them in my art. Recently I have been working on a series which I will call "Le Fleurs du Beaute (The Flowers of Beauty)". I picked a whole load of Hydrangea petals from my boyfriends beautiful heritage garden, then pressed and dried them. They worked out really nicely and kept all of their beautiful colours. They mainly pressed in shades of blue, purple and fushia, a colour combination I am very fond of. 
I Took These Photo's of the Lilies:

My Colour Palette:

"Les Fleurs de Beaute"
Two Part Series

"Beaute Fleur Une"
Ink, Watercolour and Pressed Petals on Paper

"Beaute Fleur Deux"
Ink, Watercolour and Pressed Petals on Paper.

Pretty Pictures for Inspiration.
These are all of waterlilies, how lovely. They really inspired me.