Monday, March 19, 2012

Autumn Beauty and Changing Leaves

the summer flower has run to seed
and yellow is the woodland bough
and every leaf of bush and weed
is tipt with autumn's pencil now
[john clare, 1821]

Oh yes. It's that time of year again. The leaves are turning orange and red and are falling. Already? Well I don't really care. Autumn is far and away my favourite. You still get sunny days with beams that tickle you nose and warm your cheeks, but there's a crispness in the air that breathes purity and excitment. It's cool enough to wear my favourite beanies again, and warm enough that I can still sit in the sun with a t-shirt on and not regret bringing a woollen jumper. It's cool enough that sleeping in can seem like the smallest luxury and warm enough that you don't need to haul wood up to the house from the shed. A cup of coffee must always be in your hand at this time of year, you never know what might happen.

It's this time of year that I also feel  I am at my most creative. A lazy day inside wrapped up in a rug can lead to a simple drawing and some work on my journal can lead to a full fledged painting with nothing holding me back. And of course as soon as I'm sick of the sound of my own crazy thoughts, it's still so beautiful outside that I can pick up and go for a walk and spend time collecting leaves, especially in the beautiful autumn colours, and noticing all the little treasures that are so often passed by.

My latest piece is I have slowly been working on is definitely inspired by the beauty of this time of year. I haven't named her yet, but I was thinking Hazel....hmm....Well here are some shots of her and the creative cycle. All photo's taken on my iPhone4 and are © Ellen Maire 2012.

Wonderful video i found on vimeo, shot using a 5d markII, and effects later edited and added. And now for some pretty pictures that have been inspiring me recently. Hope they make you feel warm and fuzzy too. Enjoy.

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