Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nepenthe and Lepidoptera

Hello online world :)

It has been an incredible whirlwind of emotion and experience the past few months. I had the launch of my solo exhibition 'Lepidoptera' at the Locavore and it was smashing. So happy. I sold many painting to dear friends and a few strangers. Can't wait to imagine them in their new homes and what (hopefully) they will bring their new owners. It's always so lovely to know that someone fell in love with a piece. Really connected with it. It really does keep me drawing. I have been getting back into the swing of things nicely many ideas, thoughts, dreams swirling around in my head constantly. I can't find the time to scribble them all down. Focusing has never been my strong suit. An overactive imagination and constant dreaming comes easily to me though. I am finding it increasingly easier to draw the things I want now, the things inside my head. My drawings evolve a lot more naturally- when I am putting pen to paper now I find it easier to channel the thoughts. To turn them into beautiful ladies with expressive eyes. I am liking that. I makes the process of creation a whole lot easier and not riddled with self doubt like it used to. I can draw freely without worry or too much self-analysis. I love the ladies from my dreams and in my head and am really enjoying seeing them come to life on my wood panels. 

I am super excited about the new commission I have planned in the works for my father- a massive landscape aligned panel 2 metres wide and a quarter of that size in height, an interesting and new shape for me.....a new deviation from my typical portrait/A1 panels. I am looking forward to the challenged this will throw at me and learning to use space in a completely new way. Yes. 

Here is my latest. I can't wait to get going and show you what I have in store. Always thinking! Thank you for your support and continual lovely words. They keep me sane. And very, very happy.

E xo

Saturday, August 17, 2013

It's all in the detail.

'Look closely, the beautiful may be small.' - Immanuel Kant

This month I've started prepping for my solo show at Locavore in October. I've been doing a few little drawings and studies and I've started to get back in to drawing my really intricate Victorian / Mongolian lace inspired collars. It's lots of fun!

I love drawing tiny little details. Maybe why that's why I enjoy drawing insect studies so much. I'm all about those tiny little pinprick dots and interconnecting lines. I love how these intricacies can be mirrored in fashion. Pattern and repetition. I love these little details, they add a much needed element to what can be a relatively simple and loose lines lady. In my opinion. They add depth and interest. And who doesn't love peeking at little details in art with you nose two centimetres away from the surface and following the strokes? Well, I do. Hehe.

It's all in the detail. I've had to stock up on posca's cos I'm roaring through the ink! I've also bought some amazing new paper in all different shades of white/cream/browns. It's super yummy. It will be interesting drawing on paper again for me! I've become so accustomed to working with wood and dealing with grains...I think I've actually even changed my drawing technique to compensate for how difficult it is to work on sometimes. So I am really looking forward to scribbling on some paper again, and I'll be able to do some watercolour washes again too :) I just really realised that getting to stuck on one idea was super silly....why not try everything and anything and I've decided I don't really care that my style is all over the place :) Can't wait to get into the studio again on Monday. I just wish it was all I was doing! Love my day job but all I wanna do is paint paint draw draw draw play play play and flit around a beautiful studio all day. Hehe.

'Til next time my lovelies. Thanks for all your beautiful support and love! 
xo. E


xo. E