Tuesday, May 1, 2012

She's Not What She Seems, You Know.

Bird In A Gilded Cage (Excerpt)

"She's only a bird in a gilded cage,
A beautiful sight to see.
You may think she's happy and free from care,
She's not, though she seems to be.
'Tis sad when you think of her wasted life
For youth cannot mate with age;
And her beauty was sold
for an old man's gold,
She's a bird in a gilded cage."

-Arthur J. Lamb.

'Melancholia' Film Trailer: My latest inspiration.

These past few months I have really been searching and exploring the concept of double indenties, dual emotions, melancholia, blah blah. I watched the film Melancholia too, interestingly enough (it was astoundingly filmed, so beautiful). The theme of the film was that people who suffer from depression are more likely to remain calm in times of distress. This really interested me, and I know a lot of people who may seem happy but are not, and the other way around. This idea of concealent and the ability for us to feel two things at once really interested me. The piece i'm working on really starts to explore this. Her head and hair are beautiful and pure, but her body is decaying and fragile. 

I have been working on my most recent piece for a while now. She is slowly progressing but I really don't want to rush her. I've named her already, she's called 'Paloma // The Girl Who Is Not What She Seems'.

I started getting some big wood panels cut for me to paint on, it was very exciting. I love the natural grain of the wood and the effects you can get on it. I haven't primed this particular piece yet because I liked how the charcoal and paint moved across it, it makes it part of the wood rather than just a surface. I will prime with others though if I want more detail, it's tiresome working against the grain of the wood with small ink details, it would be alot easier if smoother.

Melancholia is an interesting diagnosis that many people may feel from time to time, so just remember that the people you love and care for may not be what they seem, so support them and be kind to one another. Here's some progress shots of my newest piece:

Great Op Shop Finds :)

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