For all bookings or commissions please send inquiries to ~

I am available for commissions and my style is very extensive and varied. If you are interested in a advertised piece or would like something completely new/similar do not hesitate to contact me :)


The easiest way to find out more about me is to find me thru my various social media outlets:

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- Instagram: @ellenmaire
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- Esty: Shop coming soon!

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  1. Hi Ellen. I've enjoyed viewing your artwork on your site. You are a talented artist. I'm sure you would like to be recognized and appreciated for your artistry. Please be kind to your fellow artists and give them credit for their images that you display on your site. Like you, they have struggled, persevered and succeeded through long hours, if not years, to produce their art; every artist should be applauded and recognized for their achievements. Don't you agree? Thanks.