Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lilies Pads and Little Petals.

Inspired by a trip to the Botanical Gardens to see the Giant Ancient Lotus flowers in bloom and a wander and a ponder through a wondrous Pond Garden, i've began researching floral motifs and seeing how I can use them in my art. Recently I have been working on a series which I will call "Le Fleurs du Beaute (The Flowers of Beauty)". I picked a whole load of Hydrangea petals from my boyfriends beautiful heritage garden, then pressed and dried them. They worked out really nicely and kept all of their beautiful colours. They mainly pressed in shades of blue, purple and fushia, a colour combination I am very fond of. 
I Took These Photo's of the Lilies:

My Colour Palette:

"Les Fleurs de Beaute"
Two Part Series

"Beaute Fleur Une"
Ink, Watercolour and Pressed Petals on Paper

"Beaute Fleur Deux"
Ink, Watercolour and Pressed Petals on Paper.

Pretty Pictures for Inspiration.
These are all of waterlilies, how lovely. They really inspired me.


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