Monday, January 3, 2011

The Butterfly Affect(sic).

Butterflies have a way of stopping time. Be it their delicate flutter or over-sensualized aura, nearly everyone stops to notice this insect’s vibrant wings during the summer months. Butterflies signify many things, and their attachment to human personalities appears to be impacting fashion, print and photography as of late. Recently I have been obsessed with everything to do with butterflies, and it's showing in my work. Monarchs are my particular favourite, and i'm inking them in with watercolour fill-ins and soft colour splashes. 

These are some great images found online


An interesting thing is how often I'm seeing butterflies crop up in fashion and design. They are beautiful, intricate creatures and create fantastic, organic designs full of colour detail and amazing form.

Lulu Chang deisgned this beautiful monarch dress, her website can be found here at:

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