Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sugar Plum Fairy.

Who doesn't like a mix of foxes, autumn tones and giant owls creeping out from behind vintage furniture? I sure do. Inspired this week by the "Mulberry A/W 2011" video add campaign with set design by Shona Heath (amazing) and photography by Tim Walker (you've definately seen his Alice in Wonderland shoots which are pretty damn spectacular). This iconic fashion brand releases an artistic add campaign to accoumpany their new collection every year and the results are all pretty spectaular. Laid-back elegance and edge of decadence are the key. Think foxes and feathers, all with a lovely blending of soft colouring and rich plum tones which complement the porcelain models prefectly. I'm particularly enamoured by the giant birds, foxes and other animalia that are digitally enhanced to be larger than life, often seen peeping out behind the models, catching the eye but somehow never quite detracting from the beautiful clothing. I've added some photo's of the shoot, enjoy the visual slendour (in my opinion).

Check out artistic director, Shona Heath's website here. She's delightful.

This ad had been a great source of inspiration for my latest piece entitled "Esmarelda (Fair but Somber)", drawn with graphite, embellished with ink splattered with watercolour. I've pressed some more pretty petals which act as a Victorian style headpiece, with some doilies for good measure. (The photo doesn't show that but this was work in progress shot at the time and I don't have a more recent photo). 

"Esmerelda (Fair But Somber)"
2 O 1 1
ink, graphite, watercolour, pressed flowers and fabric on paper.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Go Forth and Create.

"She seemed to say 'Look at me. I have done my share. I am beautiful. It is something quite out of the ordinary, this beauty of mine. I am made for delight. But what do I get out of it? Where is my reward?' That was the change in her from ten years ago; that, indeed, was her reward, this haunting, this magical sadness which spoke straight to the heart and struck silence; it was the completion of her beauty."- Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited.

These past few months have been pretty hectic for me, I must say. In between working long hours and eating too much ice cream despite the winter chill still hanging about in that air, I have been creating and creating.  But then came a dry spell in which I continually frustrated myself with my lack of creative inspiration and ultimately ended up getting the drawing equivalent of writers block for a good couple of weeks.

But i'm back on the proverbial "horse", after stumbling across some cool as videoas and am creating some cool stuff that I'm pretty pleased with so far; although it is taking me forever. I am taking the time to spend some quality time really stretching out the creative and creating process for my latest piece, after getting sick of speedily drawing something in one afternoon that ultimately I wasn't very happy with anyway. So I'm taking my time and focusing on making detailed and accurate decisions, and I think it's paying off. Well,  I hope so. You can always hope. 

Also I am hanging up some of my work up at the Organic Market and Cafe in Stirling (my chosen place of employment also, it's pretty rad) so come and check it out. I'll also have more work put up there in November but for now i'm collaborating with two other staff members, love them. It will hopefully look ok and i'll learn to let go of some of my pieces and perhaps (again with the hoping) I might actually...sell something? Wow. Does that make me a sell out or a seller? Stellar. 

Here's my latest work in progress...sorry about the poor quality shot!

3o cm  x  5o cm
ink and watercolour on paper

I created this piece after seeing the "Vienna Art and Design: Winter Masterpieces" at the National Gallery of Victoria, and was most inspired by the works or Gustav Klimt (superhero) and Egon Sheile (what a genius)....of course. Here's some of my favourites that i've been studying.



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bluemoon and Frosty Breath.

It's winter here at the moment. That means multiple pairs of socks and a continual need to drink hot beverages and make fires. I am pleased that I can now build, start and maintain said fire. I'm learning.

Winter for me is actually a really great time because you often have to look closely for all those things beautiful. Everything tends to go into hibernation, especially you desire for anything more productive than late sleep-ins and filling up hot water bottles. But winter for me is going to be about stretching my creativity and pushing myself across the borders that i've created for myself in the warmer months. And if nothing comes of it, well, there's always Harry Potter and baking. And hot baths. And Beanies.

So don't let the cold get to you, everyone should own at least one pair of leg warmers, they will give you the courage to go forth and conquer the chill by singing, drawing, painting, learning, seeking, playing or just staring up at the sun that occasionally breaks through the clouds. Winter isn't all bad.

Here's some pretty pictures that are inspiring me this week. I'll post some of my newest pieces soon, but for now this is all you'll get. My hot chocolate awaits me.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Double Trouble.

Double exposure photography is the god-damn coolest. I love the layering and the way you can apply textures over photo's. I love the colours. I love the alignment of two images to make one.  I love the distortion. I found these pretty pics on weheartit.com, really cool site for uploading and browsing lots of interesting and fabulous photography, art, illustration and fashion editorials. Lets just say I'm hooked. Yeah.

On another note....I thought these pictures found at a super cool wite called "Things Organised Neatly" were pretty adorable. I like arranging things, especially when I'm stressed. Lots of people call themselves OCD, but there's nothing wrong with some healthy organisation. Especially when it looks cool and is colour co-ordinated, with everything lining up in a row nicely. Ok, so what was I saying about OCD? Check out the website anyway, it's well worth a look. Click Here.