Sunday, March 27, 2011

Autumn Calling....

I feel that chill in the air already....cold feet in the morning and frosty breath as you dash to the autumn here already? I'm not complaining, I like nothing better than my warm marshmallow booties kindly purchased by my Mumma and my olive beanie to keep my toasty, especially when it's still sunny outside. The ever changing seasons are a great source of constant inspiration, both in art and fashion. The deep earthy colours are some of my favourites and I love seeing the turn of nature and how everything seems to change and turn beautiful colours so quickly.

Here are some pretty images that got me inspired this week!

And have you heard of Andy Goldsworthy? He works in a field called "environmental art", which is where he manipulates and moulds natural elements and arranges things in nature, then recording them with photography. I first stumbled across him last year at uni, but I love his little arrangements and constant attention to detail, especially in these pieces working with autumnal leaves. His main website can be found here. It really worth checking out. Enjoy!


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