Sunday, April 3, 2011

Double Trouble.

Double exposure photography is the god-damn coolest. I love the layering and the way you can apply textures over photo's. I love the colours. I love the alignment of two images to make one.  I love the distortion. I found these pretty pics on, really cool site for uploading and browsing lots of interesting and fabulous photography, art, illustration and fashion editorials. Lets just say I'm hooked. Yeah.

On another note....I thought these pictures found at a super cool wite called "Things Organised Neatly" were pretty adorable. I like arranging things, especially when I'm stressed. Lots of people call themselves OCD, but there's nothing wrong with some healthy organisation. Especially when it looks cool and is colour co-ordinated, with everything lining up in a row nicely. Ok, so what was I saying about OCD? Check out the website anyway, it's well worth a look. Click Here.


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