Monday, May 6, 2013

Apis, Anisoptera, Coleoptera & Lepidoptera.

Not much to report on....Back to drawing insects this week.......I have added a few detail to Daeneyres and she is coming along (slowly) but surely. I really don't want to rush her. I will probably leave some of the insects for now to give my hand (and brain) a break and start working on her wonderful silver blonde hair (I will be painting it white). I am also going to start researching background inspirations. Exciting! 

I have finished drawing the main dragonfly (Anisoptera) on her chest, a creepy lady-butterfly (Lepidoptera) on her right shoulder and a water beetle (Ceoleoptera) nestling on her left arm. Coming up will be approx. 10 more insects, so I better get researching! First up will be an amazing Bee (Apis) cluster as an amazing art nouveau inspired hair clip over her right ear.

For now I have been scribbling away in my moleskine and just trying to keep my mind moving as much as I can....Tiredness constantly seems to be enveloping me and I wish that I could be spending more time at home in my studio and less time at work.....but money has to come in somewhere. I girl needs her vino! Sigh.

I have been loving flipping through my amazing Art Nouveau book this week to inspire my tired eyes, and I am in love with so many beautiful things in there. So stunning. I wish I lived in that era! So much detail and lovely aesthetic put into every part of their lives: home, fashion, art, lifestyle. Amazing.

xo E.


Oh, and here are some beautiful images that my amazingly talented friend Thalea Hurren took of me for Adorn Felt Finery by Samantha Goodbourn. She managed to capture my inner fairy goddess/Daeneryes and I love them! Such amazing colours and fabrics. Such talented ladies I work with!!

xo. E

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