Monday, April 22, 2013

Queen of Dragons Minus the Dragons.

It has been such a long time since I have written here! Time constantly gets away from moves so fast and so slow at the same time but always manages to sweep me up into whichever way I need/choose/want/have to go and I do get very distracted.

But I am finally moved into an exciting new little studio space below our current rental house and it is FABULOUS. I adore pottering around arranging various found objects and pretty things to make my space as beautiful as my drawings I want to create in there.

Surroundings are very important/inspirational to me. I often find that if I am not in the right space then I will not be in the right space of mind to paint......or something. I love to sit and ponder and flutter around the room reading and lighting incense and singing and watching and learning as well as my drawing and painting ~ I have never been an artist to just sit down and get cracking (translation: ultimate procrastinator). So this means that as I flutter and skip and swirl around my room I have to feel inspired and visually stimulated at all times.....Thus why I spend so much time foraging for new goodies in thrift shops and continuing my obsession with things that hang and glass jars.

Now enough blabbering and more about my latest piece. After the whirlwind that was the fantastic Hills Secret Garden event I took a step back from my art for a while, for what continued to be a lazy almost month long hiatus from anything. I think I needed time to settle and organise my life before throwing myself into any new projects, but now I have moved house and am living comfortably again in a new space, new ideas are constantly swirling and forming inside my brain like little snowflakes in a snow storm ~ sometimes I can catch them, other times they melt before I can catch another glimpse but they are so beautiful I don't really mind. I'm sure I will constantly be thinking and stumbling upon new things in my new studio.

I dream a lot and this certainly will be taking a new meaning in my work as I delve for more intimate and intricate and insane detail and hidden worlds. I want to unearth what happens inside my mind as I sleep and as I day dream and as I'm doodling. I like those worlds. In those worlds I am a water lily wood nymph fairy goddess who doesn't need to go to work or do washing or pay car registration. I simply flit and flutter around and create beautiful things. Oh.

Daenerys Targaryan from Game of Thrones (TV Show) is my current muse. I love her white hair and pouty lips and wonderful costuming. I also love the Art Nouveau era (but hey, what's new?) so that is being incorporated too. Alas it is only a vague outline at this stage ~ but tomorrow holds so much promise. The insects are just calling to be given a home on Daenerys' beautiful arms and shoulders.

Till next time lovelies!

E xo 

~ Setting up ~

~ The main window of my studio ~
The light is crazy in here sometime and as you can see I am obsessed with glass jars and pretty things to decorate everything....

~ Pretty things ~
I like to colour grade my tubes to make it easy to find the right colour and it also tests my memory on shades and recognition! The flower topped jar is my gesso for priming :)

~ My mermaid muses / seashell crowns ~
I love drawing in my moleskine journal so jot down all sorts of ideas that are forming and swirling in my head. Like my lil octotpus friend here.

~ Moleskine doodles / Extension of my brain ~

~ My Tuesday colour palette ~

~ Moleskine ramblings ~
I like to specify which paints are Windsor & Newton Water Mixable Oils or Artist Spectrum Oils (they require turps to mix/clean). It makes it easy to work out which brushes to use for which colours and which mediums to mix with. The teapots in my studio are for my mixing mediums / black for water and red for turps. Colour mixing is a science I'm finding :)

~ The beginning of my lil dragonfly friend ~

~ The vague outlines of Daeneryes ~
I will be using the natral grains of the wood to form lil caves around her. I haven't tried incorporating a true background into my work at all really so this will be an exciting venture!

~ Daeneryes [crop] ~

~ Daeneryes [detail] ~

~ Page out of my amazing Art Nouveau book ~
I will be using these colours as reference points for my dragonfly.

~ I N S P I R A T I O N ~

 xo. E

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  1. Love dragonflies. I also love setting up a whole space to be creative :) Liking your direction (♥Tess)