Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bluemoon and Frosty Breath.

It's winter here at the moment. That means multiple pairs of socks and a continual need to drink hot beverages and make fires. I am pleased that I can now build, start and maintain said fire. I'm learning.

Winter for me is actually a really great time because you often have to look closely for all those things beautiful. Everything tends to go into hibernation, especially you desire for anything more productive than late sleep-ins and filling up hot water bottles. But winter for me is going to be about stretching my creativity and pushing myself across the borders that i've created for myself in the warmer months. And if nothing comes of it, well, there's always Harry Potter and baking. And hot baths. And Beanies.

So don't let the cold get to you, everyone should own at least one pair of leg warmers, they will give you the courage to go forth and conquer the chill by singing, drawing, painting, learning, seeking, playing or just staring up at the sun that occasionally breaks through the clouds. Winter isn't all bad.

Here's some pretty pictures that are inspiring me this week. I'll post some of my newest pieces soon, but for now this is all you'll get. My hot chocolate awaits me.


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