Monday, December 13, 2010

Whimsical Musings

Feeling like a total idiot seems like everything I do isn't what I want it to be, but is still o.k anyway. I wish I could put pen to paper and have it come out like what is inside of my head......I guess my brain and motor-planning skills don't work like that.

I've been working with more ink and pen work again recently......delicate and feminine. Adding a splash of colour to stop them from being to morbid. It seems like my fixation on female anatomy and the darkness of the mind is starting to be prevalent in all of my works. I'm enjoying exploring the psyche though....dreaming and the supernatural subconscious are of particular enjoyment.

Here's a look at some recent stuff:


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  1. Your mind is absolutely brilliant and work an utterly inspiring reflection of your souls inner landscape and talent! Please keep posting. - Ana