Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Surrealism: Beauty Convulsed.

"Surrealism lies at the heart of the photographic enterprise: in the very creation of a duplicate world, of a reality in the second degree, narrower but more dramatic than that perceived by natural vision."
— Susan Sontag, ‘Melancholy Objects’ in On Photography, 1972.

Surrealist photography interests me alot. The idea of double-exposure features predominately in the work of many surrealist photographers. Distorting facial features and emphasising imperfections are techniques employed both through the shooting of the film and the manipulation of the image afterwards.I recently purchased a book from the Eperimental Arts foundation entitles "Surrealist Photography" by Thomas & Hudson publishing, and it has some beautiful images and descriptions.

"Paris in the early nineteen twenties saw the growth of a new art form called surrealism. both a formal movement and a spiritual orientation, surrealism embraced ethics and politics as well as the arts. Surrealists sought to create a medium that liberated the subconscious mind."

Some artists you should check out are: Man ray, Jindrich Styrysky, Lee Miller and Dora Maar.
Also a great website to check out is here

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