Monday, December 20, 2010

'Tis The Season.

 So this month has been pretty crazy. I've been trying to immerse my self in all things inspirational but there has also been a lot to organise for my trip and for all the end of year celebrations. I've always liked Christmas....the cheers, the warm wishes, the food.....oh, the food......but it hsa been brought to my attention that there sure are a lot of things out there just to sell and to sell and to then sell some more. I'm all for decorating the house, but the amount of useless crap! That's why I like it when I stumble across something that really makes me go "yeah, I'd put that in my house".....

These little cuties are from Walter & Co, you can find more of their stuff here.
I like their innovative take on a conventional tree and decorations.

These little "food art" pictures are pretty cute, especially fond of the sushi tree!

I've also been working on some new works with my NEW pens.....oh how I love new supplies. The first body is a triad of pieces as a dedication to the beautiful Roy Orbison song "Crying"......

"But It's True"
ink, pen and watercolour on paper. 


"Left Me Standing All Alone"
ink, pen and watercolour on paper.

"But, Darling, What Can I do?"
ink, pen and watercolour on paper.

I am really proud of these, I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere with the resolution and believable skill. using the watercolours added colour (obviously) to the starkly contrasted facials but also emotional and depth I think.

What I would like them to look like when in order:

 "Sideways Chanting"
ink, watercolour and graphite on paper.

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