Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Beginnings of Soul Searching: Winter, Forests & Magic.

It's winter here. It's cold. It's beautiful. It makes for perfect drawing time. Abracadabra! I love magicky stuff. I love Harry Potter....I love witches hats.....I love black cats.....I love smoke and potions and herbs and plants and long walks in dark forests. So that's where my inspiration has come from this month.

Bring on the world, especially when you have a little bit of magic with you.
Look deeper inside of yourself and be unafraid of what's there.
Make sure you live with love.
Make sure you live with yourself.

Here's come photo's of my newest piece I did as a commission for Kate. Love you! I hope she likes it. I've named her Eira, which is Welsh for snow (I think).

lovely little video of artist charmaine olivia doing her thing.



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