Monday, June 24, 2013

Cheveux Blanc

This week I have been working on Daenerys a little bit, especially focusing on her lovely luscious locks. Her character in the show/books has beautiful white blonde hair with an almost silver quality to it, so I am attempting to replicate that. Cue dramatic music. This is much harder than I originally thought. I've decided I much prefer drawing hair than painting it ;) But no matter....These past few months have taught me it's all about confidence and exploration....Right? Right. I'll try to keep telling myself that. 

I am a little bit scared to push her too far so I am going to play around with her digitally using photoshop over the next few weeks, so I won't make any rash decisions that may ruin her forever. I was thinking of giving her a gold leaf halo, what do you think? It might all be a bit too much, but I just love gold leaf. Mmmmm :) I also have to make a decision on whether to add more bugs & insects or whether I should leave them as they are and start filling in her dress. This is another thing I am anticipating to be a bit of a challenge for me. I just have to do a lot of reading and exploration about how to paint material....something tells me it won't be a walk in the park though.

I also did some gold leafing and some quick speed drawing to get things flowing. It was really fun and I was quite pleased with the results. If I do say so self. Hehe. Drawing comes so much more naturally to me.

The more I am down playing and flitting around my little studio I realise how much painting, drawing, squishing paint around on wood....everything to do with art really, is just like a science. Constant equations to work out....what to mix with what, what will go on top of what, which colours will mix makes my head hurt sometimes! But in a good way. I have been feeling very invigorated & challenged recently...just in case you were interested. Everyone should try drawing or painting or shmooshing or frolicking & wondering and wandering about art. It is so fulfilling! Warms up my soul (and I need it in this bitterly cold hills weather).

Wheeeee! There's some food for thought. 'Till next time!

xo. E

~ I N S P I R A T I O N ~

xo. E

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