Monday, February 4, 2013

Impulsive Voyages of Discovery

A thousand dreams within me softly burn."
~ Arthur Rimbaud

These past weeks have been filled with surprise, determination and fulfillment. Everything is changing, but with that comes evolution and excitement.

I have been sketching out some more lovely ladies, with two that I am particularly enamored by already...Helena had her gold leaf crown created and some girls are now hanging at the Organic Market and Cafe until March.

I have been reading and absorbing and laughing and crying and playing and giving until I have nothing left to give, and it is all starting to pay off. I of course am filled with doubt and a critical inner voice, I have to learn to pass through this stage and be happy with every outcome, even if it is completely different to how I wanted it to be. I have my dark moments where I am unhappy with my work and what I am doing, but have reached a certain state of peace and calm serenity (this will most definitely change closer to the deadline of the Secret Garden Festival)....

Well here they are then!
xo. E

Charcoal and oils in wood panel / work in progress.
Woodgrain flower muse.
This lady is still untitiled. She is one of my favourites so far.

The initial conceptual idea and beautiful floral wood.

~ Work in progress ~
Charcoal, ink and oils on wood panel.

The very first markings / why didn't I stop here :(
Video of my shading an eyelid.

Eye colour palette / hazel lenses

Ink, charcoal and oils on wood panel.

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