Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gold leaf & Muses.

I am excited to announce my participation in an exciting new venture by my lovely and talented friend Anya Anastasia ...

The event is called The Hills Secret Garden and it will be one of the first places  where I will have properly hung my work in an exhibition style it's all very exciting! More details surely to come soon, but for now- like the page on FB! Click here for the link to the event.

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I will also be having my work hung at the Organic Market and Cafe again during February, so if you are a Adelaide dweller be sure to pop in for a delicious coffee and a sneaky perve on my girls.

These past months I have really just been gathering collections, thoughts, materials, splodging paint on wood...getting up to some inquisitive mischief.

My gorgeous friend Thalea has been my muse for a while...with her dark hair, big eyes and heavy brows she is like a modern walking klimt painting (and Mr. Klimt himself was (again) a heavy inspiration for this piece).

So needless to say it was only a matter of time before I got my hands on some charcoal and scribbled her beautiful face on some wood panels. Here are some progress pictures, hopefully more to come as I will be painting like a crazy lady for the next two months!! 

She is also available now as prints, tshirts, ipod and laptop skins and all manner of other goodies on my society6 page......



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