Tuesday, February 28, 2012

If Water Was Love, I'd Give You The Ocean.

Mermaids, oysters and pearls may seem whimsical...
But they're not always pretty. I like them when they are though. So excited to attempt a piece inspired by the amazing creatures that are mermaids. Do they exist? I've always thought so, but I still had fairy gardens and nypmph-like creations when i was 12. They are universally recognised as an enigmatic obsession, with many tales and stories reflecting their beauty and sometimes magic. I have always loved mermaids, and have always had a special connection with any body of water. Swimming was the only sport I've ever really excelled at, so that's really saying something. Women in particular look amazing in the ocean. The fluidity of their bodies in current, the hair suspended in the water. I especially love the hair. So soft, so beautiful. Weightless and flowing. Insert wolf whistle here. Fashion is always influenced by mermaids- Guiltier's dresses from Spring 2008 Couture scream women of the sea, and Penelope Cruz is seen rocking a mermaid cut dress every time she sets her hot foot on the red carpet. 

I've started with a loose painting of my mermaiden, just a rough start but we'll see where it takes me. Hmm. The doilies are not permanent, I was just applying them to the wet paint to pull it off when it dries, making interesting patterns for the background.

All images copyright of Ellen Maire 2012. You may distribute with permission.

Here are some wonderful images I've found these past weeks that have really inspired me (All found derivative of weheartit.com, am linking where I can but I refuse to re link them if I found them on tumblr. It's usually not there's to begin with either.)

Here's a great video of digital art scenes created by Matthias Zentner, entitled the 'Clorox'. I love the young girls used as models, adding a sense of innocence and beauty to the shoot. More information and contact details can be found: here.

Another shoot I was fascinated with was shot by Solve Sundsbo. This series is called “the girl from Atlantis” for the 2010 Nippon issue of Vogue. The model is dressed by Alexander McQueen. Visit Solve's site here to see more work: click here

This work is WELL worth checking out. Well that's all for me for now. 


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