Monday, January 2, 2012

Victoria and Elizabeth.

Lately I have been loving the Victorian and Elizabethan eras. The jewels, the lace, the extravagant clothing...and the hair! If I had to put that much effort into my appearance just to be ignored and stepped on by every male in my structured life I would pretty much be ready to dig up a mini skirt and shout to some loud music. But these girls had no way of doing that, they wouldn't really have even known that there was another option; they would have just been wishing for a different life. But at least they had amazing lace dresses and jewelled neckpieces. Trawling the internet I found some beautiful photo's and fashion magazine spreads that really inspired me to draw a girl that would or could have somehow belonged in that era.

I have named her "Lorena (Petulant And Imprisoned)" and I imagined that she was trapped in the splendour and the grace expected of her. I have followed on with my theme of mixed media and have glued some more pressed flowers and also real butterfly wings.

Some progress shots. . . .

Some exerts from my journal. . . .


And the final product. . . .

"Lorena (Petulant But Imprisoned)" 
 2 o 1 2  
3o cm  x  6o cm
graphite, ink, acrylic with pressed flowers and butterfly wings on paper