Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What I've Been Up To...

Recently (and not so recently) i have been scribbling and drawing away trying to capture feminine beauty.

My focus on facial expression and form is still developing...never having been any good at portraiture I really just wanted to try it out, and I quite like the results!

Need some more refinement and I think my proportion is way off...but all of these things can be learnt in time. I have been working alot with ink, artline and just a good ol' sharpie...not as much colour as I have used in the past. I'm trying to deviate away from my usual scribbles and try and get a more structured and neat form.

Love the work of Audrey Kawasaki, her detail is incredible and i love how resolved all her pieces are. Her hair is also fantastic...i have a fixation with hair at the moment. The white shadow on wood is very enigmatic...although not an overly new technique- the drawing on wood creates a wonderful depth and strength, don't you think?

 Here's some of her loverly pieces:

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